Trump’s Cabinet of Ex-Generals Will Help Keep Him Out of Wars

“Retired generals tapped for high-ranking positions in the Trump administration ought to be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as civilian nominees, but we should not yield to vaguely defined fears that the generals would push Trump into war or wield too much influence simply because they served their country,” writes law professor Charles Dunlap, a retired Air Force major general.

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Rubenstein Fellow Jack Matlock, a former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, talks about future U.S.-Russia relations.

Former Amb. to Soviet Union on How Trump Should Deal With Russia

The Trump administration should convince Vladimir Putin that NATO won’t add more members near Russia, Rubenstein Fellow Jack Matlock, a former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, said during a talk at Duke. He added that improving relations would help both countries.

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Commentary: Engaging the Trump Presidency

“The spirit of risk-taking has seldom been abandoned in electing leaders that commit to pushing new boundaries. Trump is risk, and progress requires taking risks that deliberately unsettle the usual and the mundane. In electing Trump to the highest office of the land, we have pushed the boundaries of risk-taking to a new high that challenges the democratic system, prevailing moral values and global politics,” writes Mbaye Lo.

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Crazy Districts, Lopsided Elections

In the 2012 election, Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives nationally got 1.5 million more votes than Republican candidates but the Republicans emerged with a 33-seat majority in the House. Why? Because of gerrymandering. That’s when politicians draw voting districts to favor one political party or another.

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Stop Unfollowing Trump Supporters

In this time of post-election hand-wringing and soul-searching, a considerable amount of condemnation has landed at Facebook’s feet. The blame is both fair and multifaceted, says Rosa Li.

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Seven Thoughts on Waking Up in Our America

If we love each other, we tell each other the truth. And the truth of the matter is that many of us are in incredible pain right now, writes Omid Safi.

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