Is News of Terror Attacks Underplayed?

Peter Feaver, a political scientist who studies public opinion on national security issues, says he saw no basis for the White House claims. “I don’t think there’s evidence of the press underreporting terrorism. The corporate incentives run the other way.”

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Immigration Ban: Handing Bin Laden a Triumph

“Donald Trump’s disastrous immigration executive order has now accomplished what 9/11 and 15 years of terrorist attacks could not – cause a genuine estrangement between the worlds’ Muslims and the United States,” writes Sanford School professor David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.

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Trump’s Flawed Defense of His Immigration Order

“Of course, we should not telegraph that we are launching a commando raid on a terrorist target in advance,” says Sanford School professor David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security. “However, the chaos, disruption, and injustice caused by the immigration ban that Trump issued demonstrates why unpredictability is usually not a sound basis for national security policy.”

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‘Lawfare’ Could Become Trump Tool Against Adversaries

Use of the law as a weapon of war may find favor with the Trump administration, according to some scholars and attorneys. “I don’t know what plans the Trump administration may have to incorporate lawfare into its foreign policy strategy, but if we have an opportunity to use law instead of more traditional weapons to address foreign policy issues, I’m all for it,” says law professor Charles Dunlap, executive director of Duke’s Center on Law, Ethics and National Security.

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Don’t Change the ‘No-Ransom’ Policy

“Until it can be persuasively demonstrated that the interests of the American people as a whole are served, we shouldn’t be expecting any initiative to cut a deal with terrorists to end well,” writes law professor Charlie Dunlap, in response to a “60 Minutes” story on U.S. policies when Americans are held hostage by terrorists.

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U.S. Sidelined as Putin Calls Shots on Syria Cease-Fire

President Obama’s aides say what’s important is that the violence stops. But the president’s critics say his hesitation to use force has led others to fill a power vacuum in the Middle East. Bruce Jentleson, a Sanford School professor and former State Department official, says Obama “over-learned the lessons of Iraq.”

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