A New Challenge to Scope of Second Amendment?

“This case goes a little farther than some in that it holds assault weapons fall outside the Second Amendment. Most other courts have assumed that they fall inside and are still subject to ban,” law professor Joseph Blocher says about a federal appeals court in Maryland upholding a law banning military-style weapons.

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DHS Considered National Guard for Immigration Roundups

Historian Gunther Peck says mass deportations would hurt numerous businesses. “Many businesses profit from undocumented workers and would be very hard pressed to replace them. They do work that actual citizens don’t want to do, and they do it for low wages. So, if you were to deport and round up a lot of those hardworking men and women, you would be hurting a lot of American businesses.”

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In Corporate Activism, Authenticity is Key

When CEOs speak out on a social or environmental issue, they should stay true to their personal and professional values and not seek simply to strengthen their brand, leaders involved in corporate activism say. “This is a core strategic issue,” says Fuqua School of Business professor Aaron Chatterji. “Every firm is thinking about this now.”

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Inside CEO, Consumer Activism In Trump Era

Donald Trump represents the ultimate intersection of business and politics, and within that crisscross sits a new type of business activism. Corporate CEOs have been vocal about the president’s action on immigrants and refugees. Aaron Chatterji, associate professor at The Fuqua School of Business, is interviewed about the trend.

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Focus On Trump’s Acts, Not His Psychology

“Many people still don’t understand that Trump can be a world class narcissand still not qualify for a mental disorder. … Lumping him with the mentally ill is an insult to them, not him. … Opposition to Trump’s power grab must be based on politics, not psychology,” writes Allen Frances, professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

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Ban on Mentally Ill Buying Guns Not Evidence-Based

“Republicans are moving to eliminate a rule instituted by the Obama administration that prevented certain people with mental illnesses from buying guns. As a researcher on firearms policy and mental health, I opposed the rule when it was first established. It wasn’t supported by evidence, and it was far too broad,” writes  Jeffrey Swanson, a professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

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Benefits of a Federal Job Guarantee

“Not only would a federal job guarantee bring justice to the millions who desire work, but it would also address the long-standing unjust barriers that keep large segments of stigmatized populations out of the labor force,” write public policy/economics professor William “Sandy” Darity, postdoctoral associate Mark Paul and a colleague.

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America’s New Opposition: The Left Reborn

“The mass protests in response to Trump’s policies, both at the women’s march and at airports around the country, in the last weeks show a sense of urgency and willingness to fight for robust legal equality and inclusiveness. At the very moment when establishment politics have been severely undermined — the GOP hijacked by Trump, the Democrats confounded by Hillary Clinton’s loss — the American left has been reborn,” writes law professor Jedediah Purdy.

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What Trump’s Cabinet Says About Race and Class in America

If a black American gets additional education, the extra degrees could improve his position relative to other blacks, but he cannot expect to close the wealth gap or unemployment gap with most white Americans, says William “Sandy” Darity, a professor of public policy, African and African American studies and economics. “If you think about cabinet positions as another facet of attaining a job, then we are seeing the same kind of discriminatory mechanisms operating there as well,” Darity said. “For black appointees to get into the mix, they have to have the highest level of credentials, and that is not the case for white appointees.”

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Trump’s Feud With John Lewis Prompts Outrage Among Blacks

The angry reaction is driven not only by President-elect Trump’s Twitter posts but by what many blacks say they reveal about the president-elect’s lack of understanding of the reverence with which the civil rights movement and its leaders are viewed by African-Americans. “I don’t think we have ever had a president so publicly condescending to what black politics means,” says Mark Anthony Neal, an African and African-American studies professor.

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The Working Class When Millionaires, Billionaires are in Charge

“This is not to say that business people are bad, or rich people are bad, but it’s important to recognize that everyone’s perspective and policy and government is shaped by the kind of life you’ve lived,” says Sanford School professor Nick Carnes. “If you’ve been rich for a long time, it’s easy to forget about the perspectives of those who don’t have so much.”


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