A Government Jobs Guarantee?

Should the federal government provide a guaranteed jobs program? Mark Paul, a postdoctoral associate at the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, argues for such an investment on FOX News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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Trump’s New Math on Old Regulations

Rather than weigh the pros and cons of individual rules as they come, President Trump’s executive order directs federal agencies to adhere to a simple trade-off: For every new regulation finalized, two old ones must be phased out.  Andrea Renda, a senior fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, comments on the potential pitfalls with this approach.

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Benefits of a Federal Job Guarantee

“Not only would a federal job guarantee bring justice to the millions who desire work, but it would also address the long-standing unjust barriers that keep large segments of stigmatized populations out of the labor force,” write public policy/economics professor William “Sandy” Darity, postdoctoral associate Mark Paul and a colleague.

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Economics of Dakota Access Pipeline

“The financial crisis and ensuing banking bailouts ensured private profits while socializing losses. Trump is bringing the same logic to the table, socializing costs associated with pollution — and not counting them — while privatizing profits from the pipelines,” writes Mark Paul, postdoctoral associate at the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity. (Photo by Tony Webster)

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Trump Travel Ban Ensnares Academics

“How would you fare if you couldn’t pursue your most vibrant passions and professional collaborations? How would you feel if you couldn’t make good on your responsibilities to the world and the commitments you have made to your fellow humans? Where would you be without your dreams and your vision? Who would you be?” writes literature professor Negar Mottahedeh.

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High Corporate Debt Loads Could Crimp Spending

Optimism is up and there are widespread predictions that U.S. companies will crank up investment in 2017, but research from The Fuqua School of Business suggests corporate debt is the elephant in the room that could squash those plans. Also, interest rates have started to increase, and tax reform proposals put forth by President Donald Trump and House leader Paul Ryan could also make using debt less attractive.

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Why Health Care Leaders are Worried About Their Industry

“However the Trump administration and the Republican U.S. Congress replace or revamp the Affordable Care Act, it is unlikely to halt America’s ongoing move from the rightfully maligned fee-for-service payment system to one that pays for ‘value'” — the quality of outcomes relative to the price, write Dr. Kevin Schulman and a colleague from Johns Hopkins.

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CFO Survey: Trump Win Boosts Business Optimism

U.S. CFOs are much more optimistic about the U.S. economy following the election of Donald Trump, particularly with respect to regulatory and tax reform, a new survey finds. But many companies are still waiting to see the details before taking specific actions.

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